Zapatos Nuevos


Huvudroll Maria, novellfilmen Zapatos Nuevos

I 2006 spelades novellfilmen ”Zapatos Nuevos” in i Göteborg, där jag var en av huvudrollerna. Zapatos Nuevos tävlade i Göteborgs Filmfestival 2007.

A tale inspired by real events about four children from South America who travel to Europe to make a living as pickpockets. Julian is sixteen years old, a romantic dreamer who believes in the power of destiny to fulfill his dreams of a better life. His brother Eduardo only has a single dream – a new pair of shoes. They share their life in Europe with Lara and Maria, two sisters from another South American country. Lara dreams about a mother she never met and Maria wants for them to quit stealing, go to school and live the sort of life that all European youths seem to have. What they have in common is that they have nothing to return to, their lives are all they have and their dreams are all they can hope for.

Co-produced with Happytail Productions Martina Eriksdotter, Film i Väst, SVT Väst, LiteGrip, with support from Swedish Filminstitute Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin.

Cameron B. Alyasin

Kent Smids

Leif Jordansson